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We believe that everyone can own a better bike. Our passion springs from a love for every bicycle and a drive to give every rider more. We see greatness in a tough race, but also in an invigorating commute or a family ride through town. The thrill of a better ride is there for everyone, every day. That’s what we do.

From its beginning in 1995, XDS has quickly grown into the largest maker of top flight carbon machines in the world. Our premium frames have been used by many elite national brands, and now XDS is proud to bring this legacy directly to you. Our in-house research and development team works around the clock to bring you fresh, innovative designs every season.

XDS also leads the industry in aluminum hydroforming, which allows us to bring you the best bicycle at every level. Our expertise in hydroformed frames is the reason why our bikes weigh less and feel stiffer than comparable models of other brands. With our process, material can be engineered into the places where it’s needed, and shaved away where it isn’t.

At XDS, our love for the noblest invention shows up in every curve and component. We want everyone to share our joy and thrill for riding. To that end, we offer Mountain, Road, and Hybrid models at every level, for every need. No brand in the world offers more options, whether you want world-class carbon or just need a daily commuter at a great price. In our opinion, every bike is beautiful.

XDS Mountain Bike

Free-ride, rock gardens, downhill, XC....


MD series


MS series


Mountain Sport


Carbon series



Fat Tire Qattara slide I

Fat Tire Series


MX series



XDS Road Bike

There is absolutely nothing—nothing—like the endorphin-infused rush of flying over miles and miles of open road. You know what we’re talking about. It’s that feeling you get after hours of hammering through hill and dale. And maybe it’s time to step it up a little. Get on some XDS carbon, and fly on one of the fastest machines on Earth. It might just take your breath away.


RC series - Carbon Road Cycle


RX series

XDS Commuter Bike

The best part about riding a bike to work is the way you feel when you arrive. Your mind is energized in a way that coffee can only aspire to. These bikes were made with this in mind. In fact, they were made with a better future in mind. Commuting by bike is one of the best things we could all do to improve our own and our planet’s health and wellness . We want to make it easy. XDS commuters have wider tires and tougher treads for negotiating city streets. They give you a stress-free upright riding position that takes the load off of your back and arms. There are racks for your stuff, and a range of gears to make the ride easy and efficient. It’s our recommendation for an instantly better way of life.

Cross 300M

Cross 300

Cross 200 L

Cross 200

XDS City

nadine 7 speed pink

Nadine SE 7sp


Captain 7sp


CT Explorer 7sp

nadine 3 speed green

Nadine SE 3 speed

Bicycles' features and parts are subject to change without notice. Always wear a helmet.