XDS 29er

29’s and 650b’s are revolutionizing the world of mountain biking. Just a few years ago, the only option for wheel size was the 26” workhorse. It was—and is—a quick, agile wheel size for deft maneuvering and quick slicing through gnarly singletrack. Then came the 29er—3 inches bigger than the original 26” wheel. Why? These massive hoops just roll over stuff—they make molehills out of mountains. So the rock garden guys and other racers sprang for that. For those who face varied terrain, the 650b—27.5” wheel—helped find a sweet spot between the 26 and the 29. Our 29ers are aggressive. They will steamroll obstacles that stop other bikes mid-stroke. If you live in Sasquatch territory, go for the bigfoot.


29" Nine.One


XDS  Nine.One 24sp
Frame: XDS Alloy
Size: 15″, 17″,  19″
Fork: Suntour
Wheel: XDS Alloy
Tire: Kenda 29″ x  1.95″
F.   Derailleur: Shimano Acera
R.   Derailleur: Shimano Acera
Shifter: Shimano Acera 24sp
Chainwheel: Shimano Crank
Cassette: Shimano
Brake: Tektro V Brake

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