Hybrid Comfort Bike

The best part about riding a bike to work is the way you feel when you arrive. Your mind is energized in a way that coffee can only aspire to. These bikes were made with this in mind. In fact, they were made with a better future in mind. Commuting by bike is one of the best things we could all do to improve our own and our planet’s health and wellness . We want to make it easy. XDS commuters have wider tires and tougher treads for negotiating city streets. They give you a stress-free upright riding position that takes the load off of your back and arms. There are racks for your stuff, and a range of gears to make the ride easy and efficient. It’s our recommendation for an instantly better way of life.

Cross 300M

Cross 300

Cross200 2

Cross 200

City Bike

Nadine 7sp Green 2

Nadine SE 7sp


Captain 7sp


CT Explorer 7sp

nadine 3 speed green

Nadine SE 3 speed

Mila blue 2

Firmstrong Mila 7sp Lady

26in Classic 7sp Beige 1

XDS 26" Classic 7sp city bike

Bicycles' features and parts are subject to change without notice. Always wear a helmet.