Firmstrong Beach Cruiser

Firmstrong manufactures the highest quality beach cruiser bikes. Our mission is to design bikes that blend style and functionality,
creating an experience for riders, not just a mode of transportation. Firmstrong strives to capture the simplicity of the beach life and bring it to all bikers, regardless of how close they are to the salty ocean breeze. We accomplish this through simple frame designs and ultra comfortable, high quality components all at an affordable price, so that everyone, everywhere, can have the opportunity to live the beach life.


Beach Cruiser Single Speed


Beach Cruiser Multi-Speed

CA520 7sp man matt black 2019

CA520 Alloy

29in Beach Cruiser Black Stone

29" Beach Cruiser


24" Beach Cruiser


20" Beach Cruiser

Bicycles' features and parts are subject to change without notice. Always wear a helmet.