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Anyjourney Lady 7sp 2

Anyjourney Women 7sp

Anyjourney man 7sp 2

Anyjourney Men 7sp

top speed 150

Topspeed 150

nadine 3 speed green

Nadine SE 3sp

nadine 7 speed pink

Nadine SE 7sp

Firth Sports Inc distributes Firmstrong brand of Beach Cruiser Bicycles, XDS brand of mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike and more. Our mission is to design bikes that blend style and functionality, creating an experience for riders, not just a mode of transportation. Firth Sports Inc manufactures the highest quality bicycles at an affordable price. We accomplish this through simple frame designs and ultra comfortable, high quality components.

Firmstrong Beach Cruisers, XDS Bicycles' Specifications subject to change without notice. Always wear a helmet.